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ArborRaft Soil


The tried and tested ArborRaft soil has been specially developed for the UK market to work as a rootzone with the ArborRaft system. This ensures the structure of the growing media remains open and the correct level of water, air and nutrients are transported through the soil to the tree’s roots.

The design of the system working in partnership with the ArborRaft soil prevents compaction within the tree pit, protecting and enhancing the tree’s root growth. Extensive testing has been completed for the ArborRaft Soil, ensuring that the optimum moisture, aeration and nutrient content is achieved, whilst maintaining a stable soil layer.

The ArborRaft soil working in partnership with the ArborRaft system provides the ideal start in life for an urban tree. The growing media is stable, prevents compaction and provides an open structure to allow the free-flow of water oxygen and nutrients.

The importance of soil quality and quantity within tree pits has been further highlighted in the TDAG - Trees in the Townscape Report of 2012 and the more recent TDAG Trees in Hard Landscapes report, September 2014 stating that: ‘In dense urban areas, the amount of soil installed will, to a large extent, determine the size the tree will reach over its lifespan.‘ TDAG, Trees in the Townscape Report ‘Together with soil aeration, providing adequate rooting volume is the other fundamental precondition to secure a healthy cohabitation between trees and urban infrastructure.’

TDAG, Trees in Hard Landscapes Large rooting areas are of paramount importance to the development of the tree where nutrient rich soil can enhance the first few years of an urban tree’s life.

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