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Green-tree Soil is as Safe as Houses

A new housing development in Thackley on the outskirts of Leeds has imported Green-tree topsoil into its works to satisfy the need of the Yorkshire & Humberside Pollution advisory committee. Cyprus Gardens, a development of homes, was originally a Brownfield site where contaminated soils had been present and the proposed remediation works required.

One thousand tonne of Green-tree topsoil was imported into the site especially for this project on request of the lead contractor and Yorkshire & Humberside Pollution Advisory Committee. It was essential that the imported topsoil complied to British Standards 3882:2007 and was obtained from an approved and reliable source. Not only did the topsoil have to meet all the strict regulations of the advisory committee but guarantees were required that the soil would be of the same consistency and quality throughout the project.

Mark Wood Green-tree Business Development Manager commented:
‘Green-tree topsoil is fully compliant with British Standards and a credible history of being specified as an imported topsoil. The Cyprus Gardens development is a high profile project and the Green-tree topsoil was the soil that could guarantee the job would be completed to the approval conditions and within the time frame set.’