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Green-tree Amenity Tree Soil

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A load bearing, fertile planting medium designed for use in urban environments, Green-tree Amenity Tree Soil allows the developments of tree root infrastructure under hard surfaces such as pavements and car parking areas. It has a naturally open structure that is load bearing, providing solid structure and aeration to the root system.



  • Combats problems of poor root structure and subsequent poor growth 
  • Allows compaction whilst providing aeration to soil and allows oxygen and water access to the root system 
  • Compaction testing kits available
  • Regular testing to maintain quality 


Example analysis of Green-tree Amenity Tree Soil*

  • pH Value 7.8
  • Particle Shape Sub Rounded
  • Percolation rate (at 40cm tension) 53mm/hour
  • Loose bulk density (1.85 compacted) 1.7 tonne/m3

*Contact your Sales Advisor for specific test data for your project.

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