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Green-tree Top Soil

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Green-tree topsoil is manufactured using organic compost and overburdened sand from quarries, all products that would otherwise end up in landfill.

The top soil is certified to BS3882:2015 standards, requiring no additional fertiliser for the first season. Green-tree topsoil is perfect for landscaping and construction projects that are focused on environmental sustainability and maintaining their green credentials.



  • Complies to BS3882:2015 standards 
  • High organic matter content and fertility status
  • Environmentally sustainable compost blend
  • Year-round availability
  • Offers good water holding capacity and drought resistance
  • Peat free
  • Prescription mix available
  • Easy to spread on site

Our top soil is suitable for shrub planting, seeding, turf laying, sports field construction, tree planting, rootballed trees and domestic gardens.

As Green-tree is a manufactured soil it has a low stone content. Due to the lightweight nature of the topsoil there is more volume per load as compared to  natural as dug soil. This also results in fewer road miles and journeys to fulfil commitments on larger projects.


Example analysis of a Green-tree Topsoil*

  • pH Value (1:2.5 Water Extract) 8.0
  • Clay (<0.002mm) 10%
  • Silt (0.002 – 0.063mm) 16%
  • Sand (0.063 – 2.0mm) 74%
  • Total Nitrogen (DUMUS) 0.21%
  • Extractable Phosphorus 20mg/l
  • Extractable Potassium 262mg/l
  • Extractable Magnesium 103mg/l
  • Organic Matter 3.5%
  • Carbon: Nitrogen Ratio 12:1

*Contact your Sales Advisor for specific test data for your project.

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