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Green-tree Structural soil


A soil and sand based substrate reinforced with polypropylene fibres. Green-tree Structural soil is an advanced substrate that is stable and free-draining. It provides excellent structural strength enabling it to be used for a variety of applications that are frequently trafficked.


During the mixing process of Green-tree structural soil crimped polypropylene fibres are entwined with the substrate increasing its overall strength and resistance.



  • Emergency and access roads
  • Overspill car parks 
  • Golf course buggy routes 
  • Public recreation areas 
  • Verges and pedestrian walkways


The benefits of using crimped fibre reinforced soil has been extensively tested, the results as a whole show the potential wide ranging applications of fibre reinforced soils and the extent to which a relatively small quantity of polypropylene fibres improves the soils strength.

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