Soil Handling Guidelines

When ordering Green-tree topsoil, it is important to discuss details such as site access as this could affect what size of vehicle can be used.

All deliveries are made using 3rd party hauliers. Goods will be delivered on standard uk pallets, except bulk which is delivered loose.

When delivering your order the pallet(s) will be manoeuvred onto a tail-lift attached to the back of the delivery vehicle, using a pallet truck, and lowered to the ground. The driver will then pull the trolley off the lift to the edge of the road, bottom of your driveway or onto the pavement.

The trolley won’t move on uneven surfaces such as grass, gravel or earth and there is no lifting gear so the products can’t be lifted or placed over a wall, fence or similar. The driver will manually move the pallet trolley to the edge of your property only or as near as they can to this point depending on the condition of the ground.

Our hauliers use standard 18 tonne delivery vehicles. If you’ve got restricted access to your property or low bridges, overhanging trees etc then call us first and ask for a smaller, 7.5 tonne delivery vehicle. Any costs for a failed or aborted delivery due to restricted access issues not being communicated to Green-tech will be pass to the end-user.

We deliver to England, Scotland and Wales but currently mainland only. Bulk / Loose load deliveries tend to be made by articulated trucks carrying 29 tonnes or rigid vehicles carrying 20 tonnes.

Critical dimensions (see below) are based on the truck approaching the entrance in a straight line. If the approach access is at an angle then more space will be required.

If you have questions about deliveries, wish to discuss your requirements or to book a delivery date, please contact the office on 01423 369731 or email;